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Steak, Scotch, Swearing

A .357 vanishes under a tweed jacket
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  • Athiest
  • Skeptic
  • Pro gun
  • Anti war
  • Didn't trush Bush, don't trust Obama, won't trust whoever comes next.

I'm a 28 year old hominid who lives in the Pacific Northwest. In order to pay the bills I run some people's unix boxes for them, and occasionally mess around with their routers. In the past I've been a web developer, loaded trucks, done tech support, and run a cash register.
Most of what would be my free time is spent here and here. I decided to get a bachelor of science in computer science a while back. Things are coming along smoothly.
In what little time I have left I try to fix up my vintage 1900 house, try to grow my own food (with mixed results), make a lame attempt at having a social life, keep my Reagan-era Mercedes going, fixing up a Nixon-era Volvo, and take pictures with my Nikon D60.

I have friends all over the political spectrum, ranging from self-avowed communists to anarcho-capitalists. Despite the numerous differences of these groups, there is a common feeling that things as they are just aren't right. Plus, none of them will abide fucking nazi (the lack of capitalization is intentional).

Although I am an atheist and think you should be one too, I won't try to change your mind. Unless I'm drunk. And someone else brings it up.

.357 magnum, 12 gauge, 164e, 1970s import cars, 7.92x57, agorism, ak47, alan sokal, atheism, auto parts stores, autonomy, backyard engineering, bad digital photography, beer, bicycles, black fucking coffee, building things, cameras, capitalism not corporatism, cheap hungarian wine, christianity == islam, cold war leftovers, computer algebra systems, computer stores, crucifucks, cthulhu mythos, d-jetronic, disliking poorly defined concepts, distributivism, diy, drinking, encryption, envy, fixing broken things, fucking, gardening, getting rid of god, gluttony, greed, gun shops, guns, hamburgers, hardware stores, hating kmfdm, improvising, industrial districts, kavalactones, lechery, lust, m1911, math, mausers, middle eastern food, my civil liberties, nuclear energy, old houses, old school fuel injection, perl, philosophical materialism, photography, phyrric victories, plugging my adenosine receptors, pride, pwning pseudoscience, red wine, saparmurat niyazov, scifi/horror, sks, sloth, station wagons, strippers, taylor series, td04h, teleology as fiction, tools, tradecraft, traditional and indigenous foods, transhumanism, turbowagens, unix, usa out of cascadia, using obsolete words, valerian root, vietnamese food, volvos, whisky not whiskey, wrath, zero aggression principle